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Many years ago, my grandmother gave me a special blanket that had been given to her as a child. I treasured this blanket and the feeling of comfort and warmth that it gave me still resonates today and I think of her every time I use it. So, when we found ourselves looking after a flock of Shetland sheep, the first thing I wanted to do was re-create that wonderful feeling of nostalgia.


Our blankets are beautifully made using soft Shetland wool and made with care in the beautiful South West of England. I hope that they will also be passed on to future generations who will enjoy the same warmth and comfort that only an individual and unique blanket can do. They make wonderful wedding presents, a gift for a new born or something special for a friend. Each one will become an heirloom that will have a story to pass on to the next generation.

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Mackenzie & Kellar
Yellands Farm, Holly Ball Lane,
Whimple Devon EX5 2QX
01404 822886